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My research critically explores issues of workplace diversity, organizational inequality and power relations with a particular focus on the intersection of class, ethnicity, gender and professional training. I further more draw on 15 year of work experience with labor market integration and diversity management from both the public and private sector. My research departs from an organizational level analysis with an interest in how organizational diversity and inequality processes are embedded in organizational set-up and larger societal structures and discourses on difference and immigration. Methodologically I combine critical ethnography and action research/intervention-based methods to advance a problematizing and practitioner-relevant diversity research agenda departing from local contextualized cases. Within these topics I have collaborated with Copenhagen Business School, Stockholm School of Economics and San Diego State University on research on diversity work in a variety of Danish, Swedish and North American organizations. Currently I work as an industrial postdoc researcher for ISS A/S and Copenhagen Business School on diverse teams and their leadership on how to achieve diverse teams balancing gender, ethnicity, age and tenure with a focus on recruitment, onboarding, tenure and team leadership processes. 

- Teaching and supervision on both bachelor and master level predominantly within the topics of diversity management and critical diversity, social sustainability, HRM, organizational change, innovation and creativity, culture, identity and power in an organizational perspective, intervention-based research, critical  ethnography. 
- Process consultant for practical action-learning processes. 
Udvalgte publikationer
  • Holck, L. (2016): Spatially embedded inequality: Exploring structure, agency, and ethnic minority strategies to navigate organizational opportunity structures. Personnel Review, 45(4)
  • Holck L., S.L. Muhr and F. Villeseche (2016): Identity, diversity and diversity management: On theoretical connections, assumptions and implications for practice. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, 35(1), pp. 48-64
  • Romani, L., L. Holck, C. Holgersson, and S.L. Muhr (2016): Diversity Management and the Scandinavian Model: Illustrations from Denmark and Sweden, in J.F Chanlat and M. Özbilgin (Eds.) Management & Diversity: Main constatations in different countries. London: Emerald
  • Holck, Lotte (2015): Embedded Diversity: A critical ethnographic study of the structural tensions of organizing diversity’. CBS PhD Series 16.2015 
Publikationer & formidling
Laurence Romani; Lotte Holck; Charlotte Holgersson; Sara Louise Muhr / Diversity Management and the Scandinavian Model : Illustrations from Denmark and Sweden.
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Bidrag til bog/antologi
Lotte Holck; Laurence Romani / The Benevolent Manager : Practices of Unwanted Discrimination in the Recruitment of Migrant Workers.
I: Conference Proceedings: The 4th International Conference on Responsible Leadership Leadership Challenges that Matter 15 & 16 March 2017 . Pretoria : Gordon Institute of Business Science 2017, 1 s.
Konferenceabstrakt i proceedings
Lotte Holck; Sara Louise Muhr / Unequal Solidarity? : Towards a Norm-critical Approach to Welfare Logics.
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Lotte Holck; Laurence Romani / Inequality Regimes of Diversity and Class : Exploring the Intersectionality of Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in a Swedish Medical Company Employing High-Skilled Ethnic Minorities.
Paper presented at 2nd Workshop on Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, 2016
Lotte Holck / Putting Diversity to Work : An Empirical Analysis of how Change Efforts Targeting Organizational Inequality Failed.
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Sara Louise Muhr; Lotte Holck / The Social Materiality of Cross-cultural Encounters : The Case of Danish Police Officers in the Greenland Police.
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Konferenceabstrakt i proceedings
Lotte Holck; Sara Louise Muhr / From Diversity Management to Diversimilation : On How the Logics of the Welfare Model Obstructs Ethnic Diversity in the Danish Workforce.
Abstract from The 3rd Equal is not Enough Conference, 2015
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