Department of Marketing

Videnskabelig assistent

Kontor: SOL/C2.08
E-mail: jc.marktg@cbs.dk
Primære forskningsområder
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Visual Perception
  • Design
  • In-store Decision
  • Eye-tracking
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Jesper Clement do research in the field where design, visual attention, and behavior interact. Jesper Clement contributes to this field of research with an overall research question: What sorts of visual impact and different types of design elements are capable of exerting on consumers' conscious and unconscious decision-making processes? Further sub-questions might include: Do certain visual stimuli overrule rationality when people choose unhealthy products? To what extent is a consumer able to verbalize such inappropriate decisions? What kinds of eye movements or brain activity can be related to this activity, and what are the specific brain processes at the moment of an in-store decision?

  • Knowledge for Product Innovation; SMC, cand.merc.
  • Visuel Identitet og Profil, BA-elective

Supervison on graduate and post-graduate level

Udvalgte publikationer
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  • Clement & Scriver; (in press). Visuel identitet som strategi – hvordan virksomheden får det fulde udbytte. Target Journal: Ledelse og Erhvervsøkonomi.
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Konferenceabstrakt i proceedings
Dalia Bagdziunaite; Khalid Nassri; Jesper Clement; Thomas Z. Ramsøy / An Added Value of Neuroscientific Tools to Understand Consumers’ In-store Behaviour
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Konferenceabstrakt i tidsskrift
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