Department of International Business Communication


Kontor: DAL/2Ø.040
E-mail: db.msc@cbs.dk
Primære forskningsområder
  • visual communication and film
  • experimental cognitive psychology
  • visual attention and eye movements
  • theories and models of emotion
  • cultural influences on cognitive processes
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I have a background in the fields of film, philosophy, and cognitive science. I wrote my Ph.D. thesis on cognitive film theory (University of Kent, UK, completed 2005) and have worked as a postdoc in experimental cognitive psychology at the University of Copenhagen (2006-2009), Copenhagen Business School (2009-2013), and Lund University, Sweden (2012-2013). My research interests include visual communication and film, visual attention and eye movements, theories and models of emotion, and cultural influences on cognitive processes. At CBS, I teach elective courses on both visual communication and cognitive psychology.


I currently teach two elective courses on the BA-IMK programme: “Visual Communication” and “Cognition and Communication: An Introduction”. I also teach classes on the BA-IMK elective courses “Naming & Framing” and “Web Interaction Design and Communication”, and the BA-IMK core course “Theory of Science” (“Videnskabsteori”).


I have supervised MA thesis projects on the IT and Cognition programme, University of Copenhagen. I am interested in supervising BA and MA thesis projects on the subjects of visual communication and cognitive psychology: potential candidates are welcome to contact me.

Andre undervisningsaktiviteter

I have taught two courses as an external lecturer on the MA in IT and Cognition programme, University of Copenhagen: “Experimental Methods” and “Cognitive Psychology I” (2011-2012). I have also given lectures on emotion on the BA Cognitive Psychology course, Department of Psychology, University of Copenhagen (2009-2011).

Udvalgte publikationer
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Bidrag til bog/antologi
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Konferenceabstrakt til konference
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