Practical information

There are hundreds of things you want and need to know before the programme start... Will you have a place to stay? Will you have a possibility to explore Copenhagen and the Danish culture? Will there be information meetings where you can learn about studying at CBS? Find many useful answers below.


Accommodation for international students
We provide accommodation for international students. In 2013 we could house all international students. In case we receive more applications than available rooms, the priority will be given to nominated exchange students. We do not provide housing for Danish students.

CBS housing is available from 20 June to 2 August 2014.

The application process for housing is online. The housing application process will begin in end-April 2014. Students who have been admitted to the Summer University programme will receive an email inviting them to apply for housing. There is no possiblity of applying before the link is received.

Please check the section "Accommodation" for further information.

Arrival service for international students
ISUP offers an arrival service from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday, 20 June 2014. We will rent a location at a hotel at the airport where you will receive your CBS Housing key, you will get assisted transport to the dormitories, and will receive a big warm welcome from the ISUP crew.
Social programme
As a supplement to the academic programme, the ISUP Social Programme is offered to all international students. The purpose of the program is to ease your integration process, to help you build a social network, to introduce you to Danish culture, Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and of course to make sure that you will have a fantastic summer. 
ISUP Social Programme 2014 will be announced in spring 2014.
The ISUP Social Programme 2013 consisted of the following three elements:
  • ISUP SOCIAL PACKAGE - The ISUP Social Package is a social/cultural activity programme which takes place throughout the entire summer. The Social Package includes 14 events of different nature. The Social Package is a package deal and the events are therefore not available for separate purchase. The price is 595 DKK. If you purchase the ISUP Social Package, you will receive an orange bracelet at the ISUP Arrival Day, which will be your entrance pass to all the events. 
  • TOUR OF DENMARK - You cannot say that you have been to Denmark without having been outside of Copenhagen. On this three-day trip you will get a unique opportunity to visit some of the most popular sights outside of the capital. Among others, you will get to experience the world-renowned fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen's house in the city of Odense, Den Gamle By (The Old Town) in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus, and the popular amusement park Legoland where everything is made out of Lego blocks. The price is 1.495 DKK.  
  • BERLIN TRIP - With its many historical buildings, lively culture and energetic atmosphere, the German capital is one of Europe’s most fascinating cities. On this three-day trip you will get the opportunity to experience many of the most popular sights in the city such as the Brandenburger Gate, the Berlin Wall and the Sachsenhausen Memorial. The price is 1.495 DKK.  
Each element of the ISUP Social Programme can exclusively be purchased through the CBS Webshop ( where they will be available for sale in the beginning of June. You will receive an e-mail when the sales open including the promotion material. 
If you have any questions regarding the ISUP Social Programme please feel free to contact the ISUP Social Program Coordinators at (however, not earlier than April 2014).
Welcome day and Introduction day
We expect all international students to arrive in time for the Welcome day/ Orientation held on 21 June 2014 in Solbjerg Plads (BG Fond Auditorium SPs01). The Welcome day/Orientation will include an introduction to CBS and ISUP as well as practical information important for your studies at ISUP.

On Monday, 23 June we will held three session of introduction meetings.
The introduction day includes information about:
Studying in Denmark
Courses and exams
Practical information
Participation is mandatory for international students.

More information will be announced later.


Activity Price
Housing (Depends on room size, in single or shared double room - prices in 2014 for 6 week period) DKK 5.500 - 12.000
Personal expenses (Hot meals can be purchased in the CBS cafeteria for approx. DKK 40) DKK 3.500 - 5.000
Books/supplies (Depends on type and number of courses) DKK 500 - 1.500
Transport (For a six week pass from most dorms to the CBS) DKK 480


Contact information

ISUP Secretariat, The International Office
Copenhagen Business School
Dalgas Have 15, 2nd floor, West wing
2000 Frederiksberg
E-mail: (for students and partners)
Phone: +45 3815 3006 (reception)
Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10.00 - 12.00 and 13.00 - 15.00. Closed on Wednesdays except first and last week of the programme.

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