BSc in Business, Language and Culture

The BSc BLC will give you knowledge about business conditions in the international market place and the cultural, economic and social differences that companies need to understand to do business in foreign markets. You will also gain language skills in German, French or Spanish.

Presentation of BSc BLC

Globalisation is connecting businesses and organisations all over the world. Managers and specialists do not only need to be skilled in economics and business administration; they also have to be able to understand and deal effectively with cultural differences and diversity.

The BSc BLC teaches you about the international business environment in combination with language and cultural studies of specific regions of the world.

Courses and content

When culture meets business
The programme focuses on the intercultural aspects of globalisation. You will learn about the differences and similarities between cultures - and how to handle the challenges that cultural differences create in a business context. You will learn to look critically on modern business practice and problems, and also to understand how globalisation affects the way in which companies and organisations operate in and across different international regions.

The BSc BLC provides you with an understanding of business administration and economics. The business administration courses are about the activities that are needed to deliver a product or service. You will be introduced to basic theories and concepts of organisation, macroeconomics, communication and international economics. You will, for example, learn how to improve communication within a multicultural organisation, or between an organisation and its suppliers or customers.

Doing business in an international setting
In the BSc BLC you will be given skills to handle tasks in an international business environment, which requires cultural knowledge, an international mindset and business sense.
Explore the business setting, language and cultures of two language areas. The first area is Britain and the United States, while the second depends on the language you have chosen to study: German, Spanish or French. The areas are not only Germany, Spain and France, but also parts of Latin America and Africa, respectively. You are presented with the economic, political, historical and cultural aspects of your two language areas - and how these factors have shaped business structures and practice.

The programme is taught in English, but the courses relating to your second foreign language are held in German, Spanish or French. You will attend lectures, read academic texts, make oral presentations, discuss topics in groups or in class, and make written exercises in that language. However, it is important to understand that the BSc BLC is not a language programme as such. Language is primarily a tool to understand foreign cultures and how culture affects business.

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The BSc in Business, Language and Culture is a three-year bachelor programme, which is divided into 6 semesters. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January, and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

The programme consists of a number of obligatory courses, some elective courses and ends with a bachelor project.

Options during the programme

On the fifth semester you have the option to go on exchange. You can choose to go to a CBS partner university in a region where your second language is spoken (German, Spanish or French). The language and area courses in your second foreign language are taught during the first four semesters, so you will already have a solid language and culture foundation when you go on exchange.

During your semester abroad, you will follow elective courses and specialise in one or more of the areas taught in the obligatory courses. Or you can choose new areas of study. These courses are primarily taught in the local language.


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