The Brand Meaning network brings together leading international critical scholars.


The Brand Meaning network brings together leading international critical scholars with interest in exploring and discussing the co-creation and co-destruction of brand meaning. The network’s aims are to:

  1. Critically reflect on the state of the art of this field of research and discuss the potential integration of developments/findings from various disciplines in order to advance the field and gain new insights.
  2. Identify and discuss key concepts and terms including but not limited to: roles, actors, actions, identities, institutional and cultural constraints.
  3. identify higher-order perspectives relating to the interactions and reciprocity between stakeholders and other actors/actants
  4. Discuss different approaches and perspectives to understanding the nature of the interactions between stakeholders and the co-construction of brand meaning: interpersonal, personality, institutional, cultural, social, etc.


The Brand Meaning Network members on a stormy day 

The network was initiated by the Brand Meaning Research Cluster at CBS with support from the Carlsberg Foundation.




Special Issue of Journal of Business Research: Co-creating Stakeholder and Brand Identeties. Publication date: Autumn 2016.

EMAC 2016

Special session: The process of multi-stakeholder brand co-creation: Critical reflections.

Paper 1: A new co-creative typology: Corporate Brand Identity Development in SMEs
Authors & affiliations: Richard Gyrd-Jones (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark) and Minna Törmälä (Oulu Business School, Finland).
Presenter(s): Richard Gyrd-Jones and Minna Törmälä

Paper 2: Performing LEGO: Co-constructing stakeholder and brand identity
Authors & affiliations: Sylvia von Wallpach (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark), Andrea Hemetsberger (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Peter Espersen (Pixable, USA)
Presenter(s): Sylvia von Wallpach and Andrea Hemetsberger

Paper 3: Brand Identity in a Context of Co-Creation: When Consumers Drive Brand Identity Development
Authors & affiliations: Catherine da Silveira (NOVA School of Business & Economics, Portugal) and Cláudia Simões (The Open University Business School, UK)
Presenter(s): Catherine da Silveira and Cláudia Simões

Paper 4: Ethical challenges of brand value co-creation
Authors & affiliations: Stefan Markovic (ESADE Business School, Spain) and Oriol Iglesias (ESADE Business School, Spain)
Presenter(s): Stefan Markovic

Diskussant: Nicholas Ind, Oslo School of Management, Norway

Global Branding Conference 2016

Kennedy and Guzman: Factors leading to consumer co-creation of brand
Paswan, Guzman, Kennedy: Consumer Brand Value Co-creation Typology
Rindell, Tikkanen, Strandvik: The Employees' View on Organisational Identity and Organisational Heritage
Markovic and Iglesias: Brand value co- creation: Ethical implications from a managerial perspective
Liewendahl and Rindell: Employee motivation for corporate brand promise alignment
Saraneimi and Gryd-Jones: Brand Identity Creation and Temporality
da Silveira and Simões: How and why do consumers engage in brand identity co-creation? Does this engagement aim at shaping a better brand?

Workshop: Brand Meaning Co-Creation and Co-Construction in Dynamic Stakeholder Networks, Tisvildeleje, Denmark. 24-26 September, 2015.

Research Visit: PhD Student, Sabrina Gabl, University of Innsbruck, (visiting CBS from March - Sept. 2015)

Research Visit: Ass. Prof., Saila Saraniemi, Oulu Business School, Oulu University, (visiting CBS from 28 September – 2 October 2015)

Research Visit: PhD Student, Johanne Still, Oulu Business School (visiting CBS from September - October 2016)

PhD’s & Post Docs

The network encourages movement of especially junior researchers that aims to guarantee free office space and computer facilities to visiting researchers for periods of days to months.

Completed: Mäläskä, M. (2015). Co-creation of Corporate Brand Through Stakeholder Relationships in B2B SMEs, Oulu Business School, Finland.

Completed: Da Silveira, C. (2016). Insights into Brand Identity Management through the Lens of Value Co-Creation: A Longitudinal Case Study from Post-Graduate Higher Education, Open University, U.K.

Ongoing: Marques-Gomes, J., Brand Authenticity of Drugs, Nova School of Business and Economics, Lisbon, Portugal.

Ongoing: Johanna Still, Co-creation of service experiences in advertising agency-customer relationships, Oulu Business School, Finland.


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