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Curriculum Vitae
Primary research area
  • Organization Theory                                              
  • Aesthetics and Organization
  • Art and Urban Space
  • Digital Culture
  • Politics of Organization


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Timon Beyes is Professor of Design, Innovation and Aesthetics at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, and a Visiting Professor at the Institute for the Culture and Aesthetics of Digital Media, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. He has a background in Sociology and Management Studies and has done his doctoral and post-doctoral research at the Institute of Sociology and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. His research focuses on processes of organization in the context of urban culture, media and the arts.


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The Age of Curating: Contemporary Performances of Management and Organization

Mobs, Swarms, Anonymous: Organizing Digital Culture

Cities and Creativity: Exploring the Entrepreneurial City



Supervision of PhD-projects in the research areas listed above.


Other teaching activities

Development of the European Haniel Program on Entrepreneurship and the Humanities in cooperation with University of St.Gallen



Selected publications

Beyes, T. & C. Steyaert (2012). Spacing organization: Non-representational theorizing and the spatial turn in organizational research. Organization, 19(1), 45-61.

Beyes, T. & C. Michels (2011). The production of educational space: Heterotopia and the business university, Management Learning, 42(5), 523 – 538.

Beyes, T. (2010). Uncontained: The art and politics of reconfiguring urban space, Culture and Organization, 16 (3), 229-245.

Beyes, T., I. Baxmann & C. Pias (Eds.). (2013), Soziale Medien – neue Massen?. Berlin: Akademie Verlag (forthcoming).

Metelmann, J. & T. Beyes (Eds.). (2012). Die Macht der Gefühle: Emotionen in Management, Organisation und Kultur, Berlin: Berlin University Press.


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Timon Beyes / Der Skandal der Öffentlichkeit : Die 'City of Change' als Kunst des Urbanen.
In: Die Enthüllung des Realen: Milo Rau und das International Institute of Polical Murder. . ed. /Rolf Bossart. Berlin : Verlag Theater der Zeit 2013, p. 132-143
Book chapter
Timon Beyes / Inkorporationskunst : Krise und Kuratoriet.
In: What's Next: Kunst nach der Krise. . ed. /Johannes M. Hedinger; Torsten Meyer. Berlin : Kulturverlag Kadmos 2013
Book chapter
Götz Bachmann; Timon Beyes / Media Atmospheres : Remediating Sociality.
In: Remediate: At the Borders of Film, Internet and Archives. . ed. /Mario Doulis; Peter Ott. München : Wilhelm Fink Verlag 2013, p. 131-152
Book chapter
Timon Beyes; Chris Stayert / Strangely Familiar : The Uncanny and Unsiting Organizational Analysis.
In: Organization Studies, Vol. 34, No. 10, 2013, p. 1445-1465
Journal article
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