Department of International Business Communication

Department of International Business Communication researches and teaches professional market and organisational communication across boundaries. We focus our attention on mastering the communicative challenges that businesses face in a globalized world. The department focuses on ‘building bridges’ between candidates and the business world


Welcome to Department of IBC

About Department of IBC The Department of International Business Communication is based at Dalgas Have, and was established in 2012 through a merger of the departments of International Language Studies and Computational Linguistics, and Culture and Communication Studies. The department focuses on professionally solving the communicative challenges facing organisations operating in international markets. Our students acquire competences, which allow them to navigate in an organization across structural, cultural and diversified barriers.The students gain competences in converting academic knowledge to communicative practice across national, cultural, social and organizational boundaries.  Our teaching is strongly embedded in the research within our Academic Areas as a result of a close collaboration with researchers at home and abroad. 

Academic Areas

To strengthen and support our focus we are organized in three Academic Areas: 

- Integrated Language and Culture Competences 
- Communication in Organisations 
- Communication in Markets. 

These three Academic Areas represent core aspects of the Department’s research and teaching portfolio. Their aim is to develop targeted research projects in close contact with the corporate world and other stakeholders. The Academic Areas constitute environments for development and interaction between several stakeholders and organisational members. This is e.g. the Department’s researchers, who collaborate with companies and organizations.  
The structure of the Academic Areas helps facilitate a development of the students’ abilities and professional identity, which makes them able to navigate effortlessly in the interplay between the acquired academic competences and the practical needs of the business world. The Academic Areas provide research-based insights by focusing the research close to practice. This approach supports the students becoming proficient in delivering context appropriate communication. Additionally, the students develop competences within e.g. negotiations with international organisations, or through the supply chain management of the organization, which can involve several international suppliers.

Successfully through the education system and onto a professional role

To ensure a continued academic development, the Department takes a holistic approach to education from upper secondary school or Business College to job function after graduation. The Department of International Business Communication collaborates with schools and business colleges just as it initiates bridge building between the university and professional life.



Read the PDF iconIBC Strategy 2012-2017 (Revised 2016)


Merger of ICM and IBC 

Department of International Business Communication is merging with the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management. The new department will be a strong vehicle for developing already existing synergies between ICM and IBC such as intercultural marketing and consumer and behavioral studies. Employees are involved in identifying further synergies and in creating the identity of the new department.

Dalgas Have will house the new department, as it is the only building capable of accommodating what will be CBS’ biggest department. 

The merger will be gradually implemented between now and the spring of 2017: The new Head of the Department will formally takeover in Spring of 2017, just as the physical co-location of the new Department will be implemented during the course of the spring. 

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