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Room: POR/18.B-2.136
+45 38153375
Primary research area
  • Global Internet governance
  • Transparency in and around organizations
  • Big data and governance
  • Internet industry
  • Corporate advocacy
  • Networks
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I am a communication scholar interested in questions of organization and governance.  My research focuses on how technology companies shape and are shaped by politics, policies and standards related to the Internet. In my recent book, The Power of Networks: Organizing the Global Politics of the Internet, I show how global Internet politics has emerged as a salient issue area around the UN, shaped in particular by ‘hybrid forums’ and ‘entangled authorities’.
I currently do research on how companies in the Internet industry contribute to the emergence of transparency and dialogue as organizational and regulatory norms. This research project will show how companies (such as Google and Facebook) and non-profit organizations share information, communicate with stakeholders and reflect on the values and challenges of transparency. Also, I'm currently developing a new research project on 'big data'. This empirical project will investigate how mediations and translations of massive data are turned into valuable sources of decision-making and transnational governance, particularly by international organizations and public-private partnerships.
Taken together, these current research projects address questions of corporate advocacy, transnational governance and other forms of long-distance control in and around the Internet domain.

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Power and Networks
Organizational Communication


PhD and master's students

Selected publications

The Power of Networks: Organizing the Global Politics of the Internet (Edward Elgar, 2011)

Peer reviewed journal articles:
Hansen, H.K and Flyverbom, M. The politics of transparency and the calibration of knowledge in the digital age, forthcoming in Organization

Logics of Transparency in Late Modernity: Paradoxes, Mediation and Governance, introduction to special issue of European Journal of Social Theory, co-authored with Hans Krause Hansen and Lars Thøger Christensen, forthcoming

Flyverbom, M. Sunlight in cyberspace? On transparency as a form of governance. Forthcoming in European Journal of Social Theory



Mikkel Flyverbom; Anders Koed Madsen; Andreas Rasche / Big Data and the Production of Anticipatory Transparency in International Development : A Governmentality Analysis.
Paper presented at The 30th EGOS Colloquium 2014, Rotterdam, Netherlands. 2014
Mikkel Flyverbom; Anders Koed Madsen; Andreas Rasche / Big Data as Governmentality : How Large-Scale Data Reshapes International Development.
Paper presented at ISA's 55th Annual Convention. 2014, Toronto, Canada. 2014
Hans Krause Hansen; Mikkel Flyverbom / The Politics of Transparency and the Calibration of Knowledge in the Digital Age
In: Organization, 28.2.2014
Journal article
Oana Brindusa Albu; Mikkel Flyverbom / Categories and Dimensions of Organizational Transparency
Paper presented at The 3rd Global Conference on Transparency Research, Paris, France. 2013
Mikkel Flyverbom; Christina Garsten / The Sway of (Big) Data : Calculations and Advocacy in the Name of Transparency.
Paper presented at The 3rd Global Conference on Transparency Research, Paris, France. 2013
Mikkel Flyverbom / A Crystallization of Transparency : Standardization and Multiplicity in the Internet Domain.
Paper presented at The 28th EGOS Colloquium 2012, Helsinki, Finland. 2012
Mikkel Flyverbom / Disclosure and Dialogue as Emergent Norms in the Internet Industry
Paper presented at The 53rd Annual ISA Convention. 2012, San Diego, CA, United States. 2012
Mikkel Flyverbom / Globalization as It Happens : On Globalizing Assemblages in Tax Planning.
In: Distinktion, Vol. 13, No. 3, 12.2012, p. 295–309
Journal article
Mikkel Flyverbom / Organizational Transparency in the Internet Industry
Abstract from The 4S/EASST Joint Conference 2012, Frederiksberg, Denmark. 2012
Conference abstract for conference
Mikkel Flyverbom / Organizing Transparency
Paper presented at The Fourth International Symposium on Process Organization Studies. 2012, Kos, Greece. 2012
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Member of the Editorial Board of the Sage journal  Big Data & Society: Critical Interdisciplinary Inquiries