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Phd University of Copenhagen 2001

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Curriculum Vitae
Primary research area

Behavioral economics, experimental economics

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I am a Professor of Experimental Economics with broad interests in Behavioral Economics. My research is mainly focused on the analysis of decision-making under risk  and uncertainty and choice over time. I was appointed Adjunct Professor at CBS in September 2011 and Professor in July 2013. Prior to joining CBS in July 2013 I was a Professor of Behavioral Finance at Durham University, UK. 


Teaching: Quantitative Methods


Lasse Jessen

Selected publications

Hansen, J. V., Jacobsen, R. H., & Lau, M. I. 2013. Willingness to Pay for Insurance in Denmark. Journal of Risk and Insurance, forthcoming.
Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I. & Rutström, E. E. 2010. Individual Discount Rates and Smoking: Evidence From a Field Experiment in Denmark. Journal of Health Economics 29: 708-717.
Andersen, S., Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I. & Rutström, E. E. 2008. Lost in State Space: Are Preferences Stable? International Economic Review, 49(3), 1091-1112.
Andersen, S., Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I. & Rutström, E. E. 2008. Eliciting Risk and Time Preferences. Econometrica 76(3): 583-619.
Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I. & Williams, M. B. 2002. Estimating Individual Discount Rates in Denmark: A Field Experiment. American Economic Review 92(5): 1606-1617.
Lau, M. I., Pahlke, A. & Rutherford, T. F. 2002. Approximating Infinite-Horizon Models in a Complementarity Format: A Primer in Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 26(4): 577-609.


Steffen Andersen; Glenn W. Harrison; Morten Igel Lau; Elisabet E. Rutström / Dual Criteria Decisions
In: Journal of Economic Psychology, Vol. 41, 4.2014, p. 101-113
Journal article
Steffen Andersen; Glenn W. Harrison; Morten Igel Lau; E. Elisabet Rutström / Discounting Behaviour and the Magnitude Effect : Evidence from a Field Experiment in Denmark.
In: Economica, Vol. 80, No. 320, 10.2013, p. 670-697
Journal article
Glenn W. Harrison; Morten Lau; E. Elisabet Rutström; Marcela Tarazona-Gómez / Preferences over Social Risk
In: Oxford Economic Papers, Vol. 65, No. 1, 1.2013, p. 25-46
Journal article
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