Department of Economics

The Department of Economics (ECON) produces research in all economics issues, and specifically applied work which is relevant to businesses and governments. The department offers highly qualified education within an extensive number of full‐time and part‐time programs available at Copenhagen Business School, including a structured PhD program. ECON also comprises four research centres: Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), Centre for Owner‐managed Businesses (COMB), Pension Research Centre (PeRCent) and Centre for Innovation (CFI).

Which Companies Benefit from Liberalization?: A study of the Influence of Initial Productivity
Success in Entrepreneurship: A Complementarity between Schooling and Wage-Work Experience
The Impact of Education and Occupation on Temporary and Permanent Work Incapacity


cen HOPE

The Copenhagen Education Network (CEN) is a group of economic researchers interested in education. The purpose is to provide a venue for economists focusing on education in their research, to present research papers and exchange ideas. Read more about CEN here.

Human Capital, Organization Design and Firm Performance (HOPE) studies the gaps in the understanding of firm performance to address the issue of sluggish productivity growth in many of the European economies. Learn more about their research projects here.


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