Department of Digitalization

PhD fellow

Primary research areas

E-government and Social Media.

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Cancan Wang is currently a PhD fellow at the Department of Digitalization, Copenhagen Business School. She holds a MA in Applied Cultural Analysis, University of Copenhagen, Denmark and a BA in Sociology, Fudan University, China. Her work in general explores how various aspects and consequences of China’s socio¬economic transformations are experienced, negotiated and acted upon in individual and institutional practices. Her PhD project deals with the changes brought by the application of social media in the public sector in China with an ethnographic approach. Set within the socio-cultural context in China, this project focuses on the technological affordances of social media platforms in political communication, and how that interacts with the practice of Public-Private-Citizen collaboration.

Publications & dissemination
Cancan Wang; Rony Medaglia; Øystein Sæbø / Learning from E-government : An Agenda for Social Media Research in IS.
In: PACIS 2016 Proceedings. ed. /Patrick Y.K. Chau; She-I Chang. Atlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2016
Article in proceedings
Cancan Wang; Rony Medaglia; Tina Blegind Jensen / Mobilizing Government : Inter-Organizational Collaboration Using Open Social Media Platforms.
In: Proceedings of the 17th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: Internet Plus Government: New Opportunities to Solve Public Problems. . ed. /Yushim Kim; Monica Liu. New York : Association for Computing Machinery 2016, p. 357-365
Article in proceedings
Cancan Wang; Rony Medaglia; Lei Zheng / Towards a Typology of Adaptive Governance : The Role of Decision-making and Accountability.
Paper presented at The 37th International Conference on Information Systems. ICIS 2016, 2016
William Jankowiak; Yifei Shen; Shiyu Yao; Cancan Wang; Shelly Volsche / Investigating Love’s Universal Attributes : A Research Report From China.
In: Cross-Cultural Research, Vol. 49, No. 4, 2015, p. 422-436
Journal article
Cancan Wang; Rony Medaglia; Øystein Sæbø / Learning from E-Government : A Framework and an Agenda for Social Media Research in IS.
Paper presented at IFIP WG8.2 Organizations and Society in Information Systems (OASIS) 2015 Workshop, 2015