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Primary research areas
  • Economic Sociology
  • Organizational Sociology
  • Professions
  • Inequality
  • Small Groups
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Who creates change in markets and other financial institutions? My research for the past 15 years has investigated this question in a variety of empirical domains, ranging from amateur investors in the United States to the global wealth management profession. I'm interested in how things get done--what social actors actually do in their daily lives--and how that aggregates to the macro-level of financial markets, culture and political institutions. My work intersects with the literatures of political economy, anthropology, social psychology and behavioral finance. At present, I am writing a book for Harvard University Press on an elite occupational group within finance, and its impact on international law and stratification. Previously, my research examined the effects of diversity and decision-making processes on the performance of investment groups.


Advanced Economic Sociology

Organizational Analysis

Managerial Economics

Advanced Topics in Diversity Management

Selected publications

Book excerpt: The Guardian, September 2016

Book review: The Times Higher Education, September 2016

Book review: In These Times, September 2016

Publications & dissemination
Brooke Harrington / Capital without Borders : Wealth Managers and the One Percent.
Cambridge : Harvard University Press 2016, 400 p.
Brooke Harrington / Immersion Ethnography of Elites
In: Handbook of Qualitative Organizational Research: Innovative Pathways and Methods. . ed. /Kimberly Elsbach; Roderick Kramer. New York : Routledge 2016, p. 134-142
Book chapter
Brooke Harrington / Social Structure, Power, and Financial Fraud
In: The Global Financial Crisis and its Aftermath: Hidden Factors in the Meltdown. . ed. /A.G. Malliaris; Leslie Shaw; Hersh Shefrin. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2016, p. 340-355
Book chapter
Brooke Harrington / Trusts and Financialization
In: Socio-Economic Review, 7.2016
Journal article
Brooke Harrington / Going Global : Professionals and the Micro-foundations of Institutional Change.
In: Journal of Professions and Organization, Vol. 2, No. 2, 2015, p. 103-121
Journal article
Brooke Harrington / Governing Global Capital : Professions and Regional Competition In Offshore Finance.
Abstract from XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology 2014, 2014
Conference abstract for conference
Brooke Harrington / The Companies We Keep : From Legitimacy to Reputation in Retail Investment.
In: Socio-Economic Review, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2014, p. 186-195
Journal article
Brooke Harrington / States and Financial Crises
In: Introduction to Political Sociology. ed. /Benedikte Brincker. København : Hans Reitzel 2013, p. 265-280
Book chapter
Brooke Harrington / From Trustees to Wealth Managers
In: Inherited Wealth: Justice and Equality. . ed. /Guido Erreygers; John Cuncliffe. Abingdon : Routledge 2012, p. 190-209 (Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy)
Book chapter
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