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Department of Business and Politics (DBP) forsker i de institutionelle udfordringer, som samspillet mellem erhvervsliv og politik i stigende grad stiller samfundet overfor.

The Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School, is proud to host the:


DSE annual conference 2015. The EU beyond the crisis: learning from the past, preparing for new global challenges

1 - 2. October at Dalgas Have

While the European Union is still grappling with one of the worst crises of its history, new global challenges requiring urgent EU action are already on the rise. The financial and sovereign debt crisis with its severe economic and social impacts has exposed the many weaknesses of the Eurozone’s governance, while the impact of the Eurozone’s performance and decisions on non-European economies have made clear that European policy makers have a global responsibility. Similarly, in the area of EU’s external relations, the destabilization of Ukraine at its Eastern border and the new security challenges coming from the middle East are calling for a strong coordinated response at supranational level. At the same time, the EU’s internal dimension presents its own challenges: the successful consolidation of the single market needs to go hand in hand with the advancement of regulatory standards, which are fundamental for the protection of our quality of life and for ensuring future sustainability. Europe must look forward, but in order to be successful, it must learn from its experience.

The aim of this conference is to analyze the EU institutions and its internal and external policies from a variety of perspectives and methodological backgrounds.

This year will feature a keynote address on ‘Public Attitudes towards a Fiscal Union in the Eurozone’ by Prof. Fabio Franchino, Professor of European Union Politics at the University of Milan and President-Elect of the European Political Science Association (EPSA).

Please see final programme here:

Dalgas Have 15, 2000 Frederiksberg

DSØ 041


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