Knowledge for Society

CBS creates knowledge at many levels; to students, academia and society. You can read more about how CBS offers knowledge. CBS establishes continuously focus areas and platforms based on CBS 'strategy, makes experts available in their fields and disseminates knowledge through teaching, training, videos and the use of social media

Get in touch with experts at CBS

On Experts@CBS you can get in touch with experts at CBS who are happy to share their knowledge about their fields of expertise with the media, organisations and companies.

Business in Society

CBS will through the establishment of strategic platforms (BiS platforms) ensure interdisciplinary cooperation on CBS and thereby enable CBS to address societal challenges that cross academic "borders". BIS platforms will ensure that our students have access to high quality research-based knowledge. Read more about the five platforms in the five areas; Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship, Maritime, Public-Private and Sustainability.

Strategic areas

In order to establish impact in society CBS connects research and training in entrepreneurship, with a global network of business leaders and experts. It is established in a number of strategic interdisciplinary focus areas; Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship, Responsibility at CBS, World-Class Research Environments and BioBusiness and Innovation Platform (BBIP).

Selected videos

At Cast@CBS you will find lots of videos on new knowledge. You can catch up with interesting lectures that you missed - and that was recorded on video. Below are links to selected videos

Online courses

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. CBS is a part of the top universities and below you will find the courses we are offering.

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