Guest/exchange student

CBS welcomes around 1,200 exchange students per year from our partners around the world, as well as a few freemovers from non-partner universities. Here at the Inbound Team of the CBS International Office, we strive to give our international guest students the best possible CBS experience. Below, you will find practical information about application procedures, course registration, deadlines, welcome activities, etc. We hope you will find all the information you need and look forward to welcoming you to CBS.


Exchange student welcome

Information for our partners

Academic calendar
For information about nomination deadlines or start and end dates of the semester and other important semester dates, please see our academic calendar for the semester in question. The academic calendar also contains information about the timing of the exam periods etc.
Calls for nominations for spring 2017 has been e-mailed to all our partners. If you're the responsible person and have not receive the e-mail, please contact us at

Please note that the nomination deadline for spring semester 2017 is October 15, 2016. Nominations to CBS should be made by filling in the nomination sheet attached to the aforementioned e-mail and sending the sheet back to We've recently changed our nomination sheet and hope that you'll find the new layout more user-friendly; certain fields are locked, but you need only fill in the information in the unlocked fields. CEMS nominations should be made through CEMS channels and not via the nomination sheet.
Information from CBS to the student
Upon receipt and pre-registration of your nominations, we will first send your students a welcome e-mail and later an Information packet. Previously we sent the Information packet via post, but in order to cut down on processing and handling time, we’re now sending the documents via e-mail to the students. The documents include information on the student’s CBS e-mail account, application for residence permit (if relevant), registration to CBS, and an official letter of acceptance.

Since the Information packet contains private information to the student, we will not copy you on those e-mails. If you'd like to be kept apprised on the student's registration process, please contact the student directly.
Residence permit
  • Non-European students must obtain their residence permit before entering Denmark. The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) has a service goal of 2 months to reach a decision from the date they receive a fully completed application. I.e. if the student submits an incomplete application, the timer resets and the students should again expect 2 months before a decision is reached.
    CBS has no influence over Danish diplomatic missions or SIRI, and we cannot speed up the process for any student who applies late. Therefore, it is extremely important that you advise your non-European students to apply for their residence permits immediately upon receipt of the application form that they will receive from us via e-mail.
  • Non-European students must pay two application fees in connection with the residence permit application: one fee to the Danish diplomatic mission where they submit their application (the amount due depends on the consulate/embassy in question) and one fee to SIRI in Copenhagen who will process the application. For more information about the fee to SIRI, please see
  • EU / EEA / Swiss students should apply for their residence certificate upon arrival in Copenhagen. More information is e-mailed to the student just prior to semester start.
  • Nordic students do not need a residence permit.
English language proficiency
To ensure that all students can live up to the academic level at CBS, we put great emphasis on our requirements regarding English language proficiency. The student must provide us with valid proof of proficiency. Please read our English proficiency FAQ for a quick overview. Documentation for valid proof of English proficiency (or exemption thereof as according to our FAQ) must be uploaded during registration.
Registration to CBS
The registration deadline for spring 2017 is November 1, 2016. Students must register online via a link that we will e-mail to their CBS account prior to the registration period of October 25 - November 1.

During the process, the student must upload certain documents, which are: CV, most current grade transcript (official transcript or certified print-out), copy of passport, and proof of English proficiency (or exemption thereof). The student should make sure to have these documents prepared in English (or with a certified English translation) in color and in legible quality before beginning the registration process.

Our online registration system enables us to handle hundreds of registrations efficiently, but it also prevents us from being flexible toward students that register too late. Neither you nor the student should send us any documents via e-mail, fax, or in the post. All necessary documents must be uploaded to the online system by the student by the registration deadline November 1, 2016.
During registration period of October 25 - November 1, 2016, the student also applies for courses as part of the online registration process. Our course catalogs are available at and and will be updated by mid-October at the latest. For legal reasons, all students must follow courses equivalent to 30 ECTS (usually 4 courses).

Courses are not allocated on a first come, first served basis, so whether your students complete the registration early or late in the process will not affect their chances of being admitted to the courses they have chosen. However, due to potential course cancellations and schedule clashes and limitations of room sizes, we ask that the student provide valid alternatives to each course choice. Please advise your students accordingly and help the student by pre-approving as many courses as possible.
Information about the CBS Housing Office, student residences, and application deadlines, etc. are available at Please direct all housing-related questions to
Cancellation policy
If one of your nominated students chooses to cancel his participation in the exchange program prior to arrival, CBS does not count the student toward the overall balance between our institutions. However, if the student arrives and chooses to go home, CBS counts the student toward the overall balance even if no ECTS credits have been obtained.
ECTS vs. student work hours
To be considered a full-time student at the Copenhagen Business School, a student must be registered for 30 ECTS credits per semester. This is also a requirement for exchange students as they are required to enroll as full-time students while at CBS. Most courses at CBS equal 7.5 ECTS credits each, which means a student must take 4 courses to be considered a full-time student. Course descriptions can be found on our website, including the number of ECTS credits awarded for each course.

Credits are based on the student work load and not the number of lecture hours. CBS counts both in-class participation (lectures) and out-of-class preparation, and the credits are given for the total workload required from a student.

The workload of each course is heavy on readings, and students are asked to reflect on the readings and expected to spend much time working on the subject outside class. Therefore, one cannot focus only on time in the classroom but must consider the entire workload of 206.25 student work hours per course.

The number of lectures for a course varies greatly. A few courses have 24 lecture hours while most courses have 30-36 lecture hours. For those partners who don't follow the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System but transfers credits based on the number of contact hours, please note that we cannot issue or sign any official document certifying the number of contact hours for your students.
Erasmus+ learning agreement
If your students need their Erasmus+ learning agreement signed before their arrival to Copenhagen, they should wait until they've been allocated and registered to courses as we will not be able to sign learning agreements before then.

For your convenience and ours, the necessary information about the receiving institution is as follows:
  • For undergraduate-level students
Name Copenhagen Business School Faculty n/a
Erasmus code (if applicable) DK KOBENHA05 Department n/a
Address Dalgas Have 15, DK-2000 Frederiksberg Country, Country code Denmark, DK
Contact person name Anette Hove Cox or Lotte V. Hansen Contact person e-mail / phone / +45 3815 3006
  • For graduate-level students
Name Copenhagen Business School Faculty n/a
Erasmus code (if applicable) DK KOBENHA05 Department n/a
Address Dalgas Have 15, DK-2000 Frederiksberg Country, Country code Denmark, DK
Contact person name

Catherine Layolle or Charlotte Inouye

Contact person e-mail / phone / +45 3815 3006

Information for prospective exchange students

General academic information

Academic calendar
If you are looking for information about application deadlines or information about the start and end dates of the semester and other important semester dates, please see the above links to the academic calendar for the semester in question. The academic calendar also contains information about the timing of the exam periods etc.

You can access our course list via the links "Undergraduate courses" and "Graduate courses". These courses are offered to all exchange students and freemovers. Please note, however, that CBS' MBA courses are not available to exchange students due to differences in the core structure of the programmes. Generally, spring semester courses are announced on the web during October whereas autumn semester courses are announced during April. Until then, you may be inspired by the course selection from the previous spring or autumn semester. There are always a few changes in our course offerings from one year to the next, but normally the majority of the courses are repeated.

English proficiency requirements
Below, please see the list of English tests that we consider to be valid proof of English proficiency. The following tests are the only ones we accept:

  • TOEFL: minimum 577 (PBT) or minimum 91 (iBT). Note that we do not accept the TOEFL ITP!
  • CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations) (Level C2)
  • CAE (Certificate in Advanced English, University of Cambridge ESOL examinations) (Level C1)
  • IELTS: 6.5 or above 

In addition to the above-mentioned tests, we also accept the proficiency tests indicated at the following link: Undergraduate Admission - Step 1 - en - Optagelse . Scroll to the section called "English level A" and you will see the information. Although this is within the undergraduate Admission, these rules apply to Graduate exchange students as well.

Note that any proficiency tests other than those listed above (or at the link) are not recognized by CBS and will not be accepted.

Only allowed exemptions not required to submit an English Proficiency test score:

  • Scandinavian students
  • Students that have completed, or are undertaking, a university degree taught entirely in English
  • CEMS students
  • University language students, if the language is English
  • Students from the French-speaking part of Canada

Information specifically for prospective exchange students
Dear prospective exchange student! Whether you have already been nominated for exchange to CBS, or you are still uncertain about where to go for exchange, we hope to be able to welcome you to CBS one day. A semester or year abroad is going to add broad dimensions to your life, not to mention your potential as a future international employee.

How do I become an exchange student at CBS?

You can become an exchange student at CBS if you are nominated for exchange by one of our exchange partners. So if your university has an exchange agreement with CBS you can apply for exchange to CBS via your study abroad office. If you are selected for exchange to CBS your university will nominate you. Once we have been informed of your nomination we will inform you about the steps you must take to prepare your exchange at CBS. Below, you will see a general outline of the preparation process for nominated exchange students.

What can I expect as a prospective exchange student at CBS?
We hope that you will be having the time of your life at CBS. We have a high number of exchange students and do a lot to make you feel welcome and at home in Copenhagen during your stay. We hope that you will make friends for life, that you will grow and benefit personally and academically from your exchange period. You will most likely find that some of the aspects of our study and exam culture are different from what you are used to already but by choosing to experience student life in a different country, you are stepping outside of your comfort zone you will grow and become a more self assured person. Exchange students at CBS have access to a large number of courses taught in English and we hope you will find all the courses you need in our selection. We hope that your exchange will be rewarding socially and academically and that you will, in future, have very fond memories of CBS and Copenhagen.

How do I prepare for my exchange period at CBS?

Prior to your exchange you will be going through a registration process at CBS. Here is some information about the process and the information you will receive from us.

Upon nomination from your university you will receive a welcome email from us with general instructions. Later on you will receive information about the following, also via email: your CBS email account, an official acceptance letter and, for non-Europeans, the documents you need to apply for the residence permit for Denmark. All the information is sent to you via email; nothing will be sent by post.

Late October (students arriving in January) and late April (students arriving in August) you will register and sign up for courses at CBS. It will be done online and during the registration flow you will be asked to upload various registration documents and you will be signing up for courses. Before completing the online registration you should choose your courses from the courses lists (courses for graduate exchange students and courses for undergraduate exchange students) and read the brochure called "how to choose courses at CBS". The registration documents that you must upload are:

  • Your CV/resumé in English
  • Scanned image of your passport (photo page)
  • Copy of your most recent university transcript
  • Scores from one of the English proficiency test listed in the section called "General Academic Information" are required unless you belong to one of the student categories that are exempt from this requirement

Roughly at the same time as you register for courses you will also be able to apply for housing. Please note that all housing questions must be directed to

Also, prior to the semester you will be given information about your CBS buddy, who will pick you up from the airport etc. as well as hand out practical information about the Introduction week. During the entire period before your arrival in Copenhagen you should make sure to check your CBS email account regularly as any important messages will be sent to your CBS email. We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen. You are always welcome to contact us should you have any questions.

Erasmus+ learning agreement

We are happy to sign your Erasmus + learning agreement when it is needed and if you need our signature prior to your arrival in Copenhagen, please email it to us to and we will sign and return it to you via email as soon as possible. However, please note the following:

  1. Timing: Please do not email the learning agreement to us before June 1 (fall semester students) or December 1 (spring semester students). After June 1 and December 1, we can sign the agreements.
  2. Information needed to fill in the form: Before sending the form to us, please fill it in correctly using the following information:

  • For undergraduate-level students
Name Copenhagen Business School Faculty n/a
Erasmus code (if applicable) DK KOBENHA05 Department n/a
Address Dalgas Have 15, DK-2000 Frederiksberg Country, Country code Denmark, DK
Contact person name Anette Hove Cox or Lotte V. Hansen Contact person e-mail / phone / +45 3815 3006
  • For graduate-level students
Name Copenhagen Business School Faculty n/a
Erasmus code (if applicable) DK KOBENHA05 Department n/a
Address Dalgas Have 15, DK-2000 Frederiksberg Country, Country code Denmark, DK
Contact person name Catherine Layolle or Charlotte Inouye Contact person e-mail / phone / +45 3815 3006


Exchange Social Programme

The Exchange Social Programme (ESP) is a unique social/cultural programme offered each semester to all the incoming Exchange Students at CBS. The ESP consists of two introduction weeks just before the semester begins, various activities during the semester, the Language Partner Programme (LPP) and a weekend trip to Berlin. The purpose of the programme is to ease your integration process, to help you build a social network and to introduce you to Danish culture, Copenhagen and CBS.  


The two introduction weeks take place two weeks prior to the semester begins in the two last weeks of August for the fall semester and in the two last weeks of January for the spring semester.

- Crash Course Week – The Crash Course Week is a social/cultural evening activity programme which takes place two weeks before the semester begins. The Crash Couse Week is the supplement to PDF iconthe_danish_language_course.pdf which is offered during the daytime; however, participation does not require that you also sign up for the language course. The Crash Course Week is a package deal and the events are therefore not available for separate purchase. The price for the Crash Course Week Social Package is 375 DKK. You can find an example of a previous programme here.

- Introduction Week – The Introduction Week is a social/cultural evening activity programme which takes place in the week before the semester begins. The Introduction Week is the supplement to the mandatory and free daytime activities (e.g. Campus Tour, Cultural Day and IT & Library presentation). The Introduction Week is a package deal and the events are therefore not available for separate purchase. 


Throughout the semester various cultural-, business-, social- and sport activities will be arranged for you. These activities are free of charge. Some of the activities might have limited seats and tickets are therefore given out after the first-come, first-served principle. The number of activities during a semester varies, but usually there are at least two activities per month.


The Language Partner Programme (LPP) is a reciprocal, extra-curricular language programme offered to all CBS students. The applicants are paired up based on the languages they wish to learn or improve, and on the one to teach in return. It is up to each language partner pair to decide how to arrange the study process and how often to meet. Participation in the programme is free of charge and the students can benefit regardless of their language level. Want more information about the LPP? Go to their facebook page!


With its many historical buildings, lively culture and energetic atmosphere, the German capital is one of Europe’s most fascinating cities! On this three-day trip you will get the opportunity to experience many of the most popular sights in the city such as the TV tower, the Brandenburger Tor, the Berlin Wall and the Sachsenhausen Memorial. The Berlin Trip takes place on a weekend during the semester. The price for the Berlin Trip is 1.500 DKK. You can find an example of a previous trip in this pdf file. 


The two introduction weeks and the Berlin Trip are fee-based and can only be purchased from the CBS Webshop from around one month prior to the semester start until the beginning of the two introduction weeks.


You will receive the first e-mail from the ESP approximately two months before the semester begins. This email will briefly introduce you to the program, invite you to join the official CBS Exchange Students’ Facebook group and inform you on when you will receive more information.  You will receive another email approximately one month before the semester begins with the complete program in a PDF file and information on how to purchase. You will every month during the semester receive a newsletter with invitations to the semester activities taking place in the given month. The newsletter also includes recommendations of events and sights in Copenhagen, which you can explore on you own. 


To make your integration as smooth as possible, the ESP has established cooperation with various external partners who among other things provide free SIM-cards, cheap bicycles and an exclusive fitness-center deal.


If you have any questions regarding the ESP you are more than welcome to contact the ESP Coordinators at

Buddy Programme for Exchange Students
At Copenhagen Business School we have a "Buddy Programme" system where each exchange student will be assigned a CBS "Buddy", who will help in getting through the first few weeks in the new surroundings. "Buddies" are CBS students who volunteer to help one or more of our international students.
What does it mean to have a Buddy? It means getting help with those first necessary, but sometimes confusing, things that need to be done right away - before you are used to your new surroundings: being picked up in the airport, help with registration at the National Registry, advice on shopping, post offices and other practical matters.
Prior to departure, each student will receive an email with the name and contact information of the Buddy. It is important that the international student gets in touch with their CBS Buddy to provide him/her with information about arrival time and place (flight number, if applicable).
Throughout the semester various activities are planned for the international students and their Buddies.

Frequently Asked Questions: The Buddy Programme

Do I have to make a separate application for the Buddy Programme?
No, you are already signed up for a Buddy if you chose the option in the drop down menu in your CBS application. You can change the sign-up status until November 15 / June 15.  Please submit your arrival details as soon as you have them by clicking here.

When will I know who my buddy is?
In late July / late December, information on Buddies will be sent to your CBS email account. Please make sure that you have access to this email account over the summer and Christmas holidays, since we will be sending the Buddy information and other important information as well.

Last accepted arrival date in Copenhagen?
Arrivals later than the beginning of the mandatory introduction programme cannot be accepted. If you have problems meeting these requirements, please contact the relevant international programme coordinator:

    Undergraduate students - or
    Graduate students -

Who should I contact regarding my arrival time in Copenhagen?
You should send your arrival information to the following persons no later than 5 August for the autumn semester and no later than 5 January for the spring semester:

  •     The Buddy Programme Coordinators (using the arrival form)
  •     Your CBS Buddy
  •     If you have private housing, your landlord or landlady.

Please include information on your flight number (or train), which company you are travelling with and the date and time of your arrival.

Will there be someone to meet me when I arrive?
Yes, if you arrive right before or during the two introduction weeks. You have to contact your CBS Buddy prior to your arrival so he/she will meet you at the airport (or train station) and help you find your residence in Denmark. In case of any problems, please contact the International Office at (+45) 3815 3006. Please keep in mind that the International Office is only open during normal office hours, namely Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9.30 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15.00. Friday open from 9.30 to 12.00. Saturdays and Sundays - closed.

Will my CBS Buddy contact me before my departure?
Prior to your arrival, YOU should contact your CBS Buddy to let him/her know when you will arrive in Copenhagen. If you have not been able get in touch with your Buddy one week before your expected date of departure, please contact the CBS Buddy Programme Coordinators.

Additional questions?
Please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
We look forward to seeing you in Denmark!
CBS Buddy Programme Coordinators

Contact information

If I don't find the answer to my question after having read the information on this website - whom do I ask?

  • For any questions about enrolment at CBS as an exchange student, course availability, course enrollment, course changes, exams and transcripts from CBS, please write to (undergraduate students) and (graduate students).
  • For any questions about matters related to housing for exchange students, please write to
  • For any questions about the Danish Languange Crash course offered just prior to semester start, please write to
  • For any questions about the evening activities during the Crash Course week, the Introduction week and for questions about social events during the semester for exchange students, please write to
  • For questions about your CBS buddy (only for exchange students), please write to
  • Postal address and phone number:
CBS International Office
Dalgas Have 15, room 2V.020
DK-2000 Frederiksberg
+45 3815 3006 ( we are open for phone calls Monday-Thursday from 9.30 a.m. until 12 noon and again from 1 p.m. until 3.00 p.m. CEST and Friday 9.30 a.m. until 12 noon CEST)
Don't fit the above mentioned definitions of exchange student or freemover?

If you want to take a course or two at CBS but are neither an exchange student nor a freemover, contact the CBS Electives Secretariat about taking a course as a Credit Student enrolled at another Danish university or as student applying under the Vacant Place System:



Information for prospective freemovers


Dear potential freemover. If you are a student of non-European nationality who does not attend a CBS partner university and wants to study for a short period on a non-degree basis at CBS, you can apply to come to CBS as a Freemover. Students coming from a university with which CBS has an exchange agreement will only be admitted under that agreement (i.e. upon nomination by their home university). Therefore, students from CBS' partners are not accepted as Freemovers. Only university students may apply as freemovers to CBS. If you are not currently enrolled at a university you will not be admitted as a freemover to CBS.

Please note that students who are citizens of a country in the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland will not be admitted as freemovers to CBS. We advise those students to apply as credit students instead, according to the information for Credit Students

For further questions about applying as a credit student, please email the electives office at

Conditions for freemovers:

In some respects freemovers are not given quite the same opportunities as the exchange students, as we prioritize our exchange programme because every single incoming exchange student generates an exchange spot for a CBS student who wants to go abroad - this is obviously not the case with freemovers. So we hope for your understanding that the following conditions apply to  freemovers:

  1. By law, freemovers are required to pay tuition fees to study at CBS.

The fees for non-European nationals are as follows:
Enrollment for Bachelor/ undergraduate studies: EUR 9,500 per year (for one semester the cost is half of this)
Enrollment for Master / graduate studies: EUR 12,500 per year (for one semester the cost is half of this)
*A full year is 60 ECTS credits; a semester is 30 ECTS credits. The fee is a flat fee, as given above, and is not dependent upon the number of credits. 

  1. Copenhagen is an expensive city and affordable student housing is limited. Our exchange students (students nominated by our exchange partners) have first priority to CBS student housing so we cannot guarantee that we can help freemovers find a place to stay in Copenhagen. Only if we have available dorm rooms after the exchange students have been given a room, can we help freemovers. This means that you might have to find housing by yourself.
  2. We will not be able to sign any Erasmus documents for freemovers (learning agreement, arrival certificate etc) as freemovers are not considered Erasmus students at CBS.
  3. The exchange students have first priority to the courses so we will not be able to process your course requests before we have processed the course requests from the exchange students. This means that you may find that you will not be able to be signed up for the courses you want.

Application procedure

Freemover applicants must apply by sending the below application documents via email to no later than October 15. All the documents must be submitted to CBS by the deadline, including the proof of English proficiency.

The following documents must be attached to the email when you send the application:

  • Freemover application front page
  • Letter from home university stating credit transfer will be given for the courses taken at CBS. Please note: Only students who need 30 ECTS credits per semester will be accepted as a freemover. Students that need less than 30 ECTS credits cannot be granted permission to study at CBS.
  • Letter providing proof of current enrollment at home university.
  • Your CV/resumé in English
  • Scan (pdf or jpg) of your passport (photo page)
  • Copy of your most recent university transcript including an official explanation of the grading scale used for the transcript, to enable us to understand how well you have done in your exams.  
  • Valid proof of English proficiency. Please read carefully:

    Students who are enrolled for a university degree which is taught entirely in English do not need to provide us with further proof of English proficiency. Other students need to provide us with one of the following:

  1.  TOEFL iBT (minimum score 91) or PBT (Minimum score 577)
  2.  IELTS (minimum score 6.5)
  3.  CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations) (Level C2)
  4.  CAE (Certificate in Advanced English, University of Cambridge ESOL examinations) (Level C1)
  5. We also accept the high school certificates listed via: (under the heading English Level A). No other tests are accepted as valid proof of English proficiency and we do not make exceptions.

If the course lists are not available by the time you submit your application you can send us your course choices by filling out thefreemover_choice_of_courses_form.pdfand sending it to us via email no later than the deadline. The form must be emailed to We will process your application as soon as possible after having received it.




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International Office Inbound Team

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