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Executive MBA with Flexibility

Embrace the full Executive MBA experience at a pace that suits you with our flexible option. The programme extends over 26 months, and also gives you the option to take a break in between modules. It’s a creative approach that you’ll find both fulfilling and accommodating.

CBS Executive MBA with Flexibility

What is the CBS Executive MBA with Flexibility? Meet two graduates as well as Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid in this video.
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Executive MBA with flexibility

The Executive MBA with Flexibility stretches over 26 months and allows you to take a break in-between terms and resume studying when your schedule allows. This means you can complete the crucial last term at any time within five years of starting the programme and still graduate with a full Executive MBA degree.

The classes will be held on Fridays and Saturdays every other week. The tuition fee for the Executive MBA with flexibility is DKK 390,000, payable in three instalments.

Ours is a globally-focused programme that brings together senior executives and faculty from around the world. You’ll develop and refine a strategic mindset and gain an understanding of the newest management tools used by business leaders in today’s fast-paced world.

At a glance
Classes: Fridays and Saturdays, twice a month
Locations: Denmark, United States and China
Next programme begins: February 2018

Key dates
First application round:15 May 2017
Mid-way application round:15 September 2017
Final application deadline: 13 December 2017

Format overview

CBS EMBA Flex Format Overview

"For me, having a degree of flexibility was important. Holding a full-time, senior executive job while pursuing my Executive MBA is a significant workload. I took advantage of the flexibility and planned ahead so that exams and class participation wouldn’t clash with work engagements."
Bjørn Sibbern, President of NASDAQ Copenhagen and Global Head of NASDAQ Commodities (2013 graduate)

Term 1 - General Management

During the first term, you will acquire a deep understanding of your own organisation, allowing you to analyse your current practices and giving you the tools to develop these to the highest level. You'll study:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management and Performance Management
  • Financial Statement Analysis and Managerial Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Integrated Semester Project

The Supply Chain Management course will take place in Shanghai, led by faculty from Cranfield University.

Term 2 - Business Analysis and Leadership

The second term takes you deeper into the business environment and deals with issues of complexity, macro perspectives on management and methodology. You'll study the environment in which your organisation operates, learning to master and predict the external factors influencing your business. Courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Macroeconomics
  • Marketing
  • Integrated Semester Project

The Marketing course will take place in Chicago, with classes at Kellogg School of Management.

Term 3 - Business Development and Innovation

Having gained a thorough and holistic view of your organisation and its operating environment, you will enter the third and final term, during which you will use your new perspectives to understand how to successfully develop and innovatively lead your organisation. The business courses you’ll study are:

  • Leading Responsible Corporations
  • Strategy Development
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Integrated Strategy Project (Thesis)

In addition, you’ll hand in your final thesis at the end of this term – before being awarded with your Executive MBA degree at a graduation ceremony!


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